Melissa Weinberger

  • Project manager, Marketing, Event Planning
  • Phoenix, AZ, USA
  • Aug 28, 2018
Freelance Writer Content Strategist Project Manager Graphic Designer Copywriter

Personal Summary

Looking for a badass alter ego, a decisive aide-de-camp, an intuitive assistant, and a loyal cohort?  Hiring that kind of star talent full-time can be costly and difficult. I provide the commitment and the unrelenting project support you need without the hassles of adding on a full-time employee. Yay you!

I’m the Problem Solver. My secret sauce you ask? Tons of creativity, a heaping dose of ingenuity, and a shot of badassery = Your project nailed. Let me take the load off. I’m passionate about your success. I will be your secret weapon. Let me make the impossible, possible for YOU.

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Looking forward to connecting!

~ The Edgy Muse

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