BrandExtract is a team of strategic thinkers and doers bent on aligning your brand with your true purpose, and presenting it beautifully and intelligently to your audiences. We do this guided by a crystal clear mission.

We inspire people to create, transform and grow.

This is our mission, and we pursue it with passion. To create is to bring something new into existence – new answers, new energy, new opportunities. Through purposeful creation we help you transform into what you want to become – something greater. And once you make this transformation, you’re able to unleash growth like never before.

Our Values

Our values guide us in everything we do, including what we do outside of client work. One thing you’ll notice about our values – they're all actions. That’s because they are much more than lofty ideals. They’re how we show up for each other and our clients every day. They exemplify the way we work, and the kinds of clients we want to work with. 

Do the right thing

Act with Heart

Step up and own it

Teach and lead

Be curious

Have grit

Experience as deep as it is wide.

BrandExtract has served companies all over the world who do all kinds of things. From convenience stores to coronary catheters, oil & gas to ice cream, we’ve amassed abundant knowledge across an array of industries. Here are a few sectors where we have specialized expertise.

We’re pretty sure you’re gonna like us.

How could you not? BrandExtract people are smart, genuine, fun and easy to work with.

BrandExtract Remote (Onsite is Houston preferred, but will talk to highly qualified remote clients as well.)
Jul 08, 2021
Full time
The Traffic Coordinator supports the Traffic Manager with a variety of daily activities and ongoing initiatives. Provide traffic and workflow support for creative projects, maintaining accurate, detailed records of projects in our Project Management Platform. A creative problem-solver and self-starter who can collaborate and lead the coordination of projects through various stages of the project life-cycle. This individual will help organize and track projects and deliverables, including managing resources, schedules, and deadlines. Reports to Traffic Manager. What you do... Ensure project schedules are maintained, track and monitor progress Support the Traffic Manager in providing ongoing Project Management Platform learning and development Assist in organizing and handling resources to deliver the elements required to complete a project with defined scope, quality, time frames, and cost constraints Lead the efficient flow of work and information between departments...